Diamond Elite Magazine & Co. has a new consignment program for authors to include their books in our headquarters

to provide more exposure to literary works. There is a one-time fee of $10 per title, the maximum anount of books that can be sent for one title is 4, minimum 2. The percentage rate is 60/40, meaning from each sale of your book 60% goes to author, 40% to the headquarters. i.e. if a book is $10, $6 would go to author, $4 to headquarters. You must have a payment method setup, PayPal, Square, or CashApp.

Books will be held up to 60 days, if no sale, they will be returned to the mailing address on file. Royalties from sales will be sent out by end of day each Friday. You will receive notification if your book has made a sale.

Please use the button below, to make your inquiry. Please, no books with sexually explicit covers or names.


We are only accepting a limited amount of books per quarter. First come first serve.

Interested? Contact Us

Consignment Inquiry

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