2nd Annual DDT’n Weight 5K Walk/Run/Jog

Farrah Ratliff is the owner of DDT fIT and has a 5 City Tour planned for 2020! Her first stop was Waco, TX on Jan.11th, 2020 were dozens arrived to take part in the DDT’n Weight 5K Walk/Run/Jog event. Participants were led into a warm-up by Nikasha Easley and then everyone took off with their choice of walking, running or jogging on the local MCC Track.

“Woke up at 3am, went to work at 5am, got off in time to support...and kick start my fitness/health journey for 2020!!! D.D.T isn’t just a movement it’s a life style!” -Michelle Lunn, Participant

Cities that are up next can be found below.

Farrah is one of the featured entrepreneurs on the front cover of the Q1 2020 Issue of Diamond Elite Magazine. Her passion for health and fitness flows through in everything she is apart of. You can support Farrah by visiting www.shopddt.net

Photo Courtesy: Roman Proctor

Sponsors: Dunn Dirty Car Club, Orange Theory Fitness, Diamond Elite Magazine, AutoPartners and FusionBelts

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