Destinee’s Fashion

Destinee’s Fashion was founded in 2016 by Larendra McDonald Spencer who is a talented and experienced seller. All of the jewelry in the store comes directly from the manufacturer to bring the customers the best products at a low price. Since our establishment, we've made a promise to ourselves and our loyal customers, to continue having stunning pieces available for them to add to their collection. Which is why our loyal customers keep coming back. To us they will always be the V.I.P.

When it comes to Destinee's Fashion, the customers aren't just supporting a small business but they are also helping the homeless, children, and those that are in Africa that are in need. It helps them to have food, clothing, as well as help the children in Africa to get a better education. We do the best we can to help anyone in need. Our goal is to continue to grow so that we can continue to help those in need so it can help improve their lives. 


Instagram: @destineesfashion2 

Facebook: Destinee’s Fashion

Destinee’s Fashion will be featured in the upcoming Q1 2020 issue of Diamond Elite Magazine.

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