Local Youth Dedicated to Give Back to the Homeless

On #MotivationalMonday we catch up with YBR Kids and the reason they do what they are doing for their community at such a young age.

(YBR Kids pictured above, courtesy of Saundrea Bible)

Who Are They?

YBR Kids is an extension of a youth ministry, Young Bible Readers. The ministry teaches kids about the word of God through scriptures, stories and activities to help kids learn. YBR Kids are the product of that ministry. In the summer of 2020 YBR Kids began to make and sell faith bracelets. Using a portion of the business proceeds they began to fund an initiative called YBR Kids Give! where they provide lunch and essential items to the homeless in their local community.

Their Mission

The hope and prayer for the future of YBR Kids is that they will continue to grow. YBR Kids wants to expand their business as well as the mission of community service. It starts with Young Bible Readers. The mission is to build God's kingdom first - everything else will grow!

The YBR Kids are always excited when community members express interest in helping them. There are so many ways to help, word of mouth and sharing their mission with others is a great start. Donations are always welcome whether that’s essential items or monetary. YBR Kids would love to partner with and work with other existing organizations as well.

The group would also love to have more volunteers. Their prayer is that YBR Kids will grow and grow! If you would like more information on how to connect, please visit Young Bible Readers and YBR Kids.

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