Meet Lynette TheBoss

Lynette TheBoss is the WINNER of the 2012 NC Model/Talent Search Competition and She did it at the Age of 42! This Former Model started Modeling in her Late Teens and during her Modeling Years she was exposed to High End Designers Fashion/Fragrances.

This exposed her to that part of Lifestyle she already had a passion for; Fashion, Beauty Products and Fragrances. Modeling showed Lynette TheBoss her love on a Higher Caliber. After Modeling ended Lynette TheBoss wanted to accomplish another Goal and that was to start her own business. She always had a Leadership, Risk Taker, Go-Getter, Determination and Entrepreneurial Mindset. She was indecisive of what Business to pursue, so she decided to Help other New Entrepreneurs with their Businesses.

In 2016, Lynette TheBoss created and started her Business called "BOSSES UNITE" also a Social Media Blog Page. Her Business was a platform for New Entrepreneurs to present their Business to the Public. Lynette TheBoss promoted and developed her Events called "Entrepreneur Expos" at Elegant Hotels. Her focus, drive and consistency of promoting her Business and for others eventually caught the attention of Music Artists. Music Artists suddenly started to contact Lynette TheBoss to Promote their Music and Videos. She was surprised by this opportunity that bestowed her but her mentuality is not to turn down opportunities that come her way, she accepted!

In 2019, Lynette TheBoss Business transitioned into being a Promoter for Music Artists and it ended her Business, BOSSES UNITE.  This Opportunity advanced to Music Artists wanted Representation of Management by her. She added Artist Management to her Resume for a short period. But she states, It was a great learning experience and she overseeded her expectations. Lynette TheBoss became a full fledged Promoter and Artist Recruiter for Artists Showcases in Durham, NC. Adding Promoting for Clubs, Festivals, Events & Business Services. 

Lynette TheBoss still wanted a Business of her own to fulfill her passion and love. She figured that out to be a Fragrance Line. In January 2020, the New Decade, She Launched her own Signature Fragrance Line called LUXURIOUS LOVE! She created her Brand to be High End but without the High End price. She also wanted her Fragrance Line to focus on both sex(Men & Women). The Scent is Sweet, Soft & Sensual. The Cologne has a touch of Masculinity. This is an Elegant Fragrance you can wear year round. Lynette TheBoss has also added a Body Moisturizer called Luxurious Love Body Silk and a Bath Care Product called Luxurious Love 3 N 1. This is a Bubble Bath, Body Wash and Hand Wash all in one.  To Order, Visit Luxurious Love Fragrance Line Website at:

Social Media Business Page on FACEBOOK@ Luxurious Love Fragrance For Him & Her


Lynette TheBoss Business journey has come Full Circle and now she feels complete!

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