Meet Quornesha Lemon

Grand Rising, Having a business is nice...but what will you do if one of your clients or patrons gets suit happy? Or it could be a business partner/friend.

It could take months to years to get it before the judge. The courts recommend the use of us. Due to covid19 they are backlogged! Even after this stuff blows over, they will be.

The fee of mediation with me? $1200 a day and clients usually do no more than 3 days. That is cost effective opposed to a lawyer. Which may charge upwards of $10,000 and up.

If you do more than 3 days I am flexible with the fee a little bit.

It is all virtual so you don't have to worry about catching cooties or a virus. I'm safety first. Plus, I can mediate anywhere in the united states.

Plus, I'm client friendly. 16 years of customer service experience. That's what matters. I've mediated over 30 transactions before being certified and now, court approved. I may not YET be internationally known in your eyes. But I take care of people's problems for a living. You also get into your uber or buy food from people you don't know personally. So, that's definitely not going to hold you back.

There are benefits to doing your mediation with us. You get a person who is Intuitive *over 26 years trained*, who will dispute with you and your opposing party an outcome that helps all involved. I'm not promising satisfaction for all, but I will operate in the highest integrity and honesty. That's guaranteed. Character is my number one priority, along with helping you resolve the issue.

Consider: SaQred Dispute Resolutions to meet your dispute needs. We are here and we are not afraid.

Contact: Quornesha S. Lemon Text/Call: 424-283-2787

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