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Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Mary Kelson is the Founder and CEO of PhamousLyfe Apparel and Accessories. Kelson is 46 years old with two children, Markus and Jericka and happens to have her first grandchild on the way! Congratulations!

Her primary purpose for this clothing line (besides what it stands) for is to create a brand customers can relate to while looking good and feeling good doing it.

Phamous means (Ph)enomenal (A)chiever (M)otivated (O)riginal (U)nique (S)trong

Kelson feels we all have these elements inside of us. We sometimes need a push to bring it out. PhamousLyfe is that brand that cares about how people feel. Kelson has always been the motivating type, but at some points in her life, she, as a woman, had forgotten about these qualities instilled inside of her. Her brand stands for strength, the number 19 stands for surrender. Wearing these clothes will give a daily reminder of why you should keep pushing forward and look good doing it. Kelson is hoping it will uplift her customers every time they put an item on that they were BORN Phamous which is also part of the brand. We were created to serve a higher purpose in life, and it takes a

(Ph)enomenal (A)chiever (M)otivated (O)riginal (U)nique (S)trong person to achieve this. Kelson wants her business to grow and develop so she can one day help someone create a brand that has a purpose.

PhamousLyfe will be featured in the Q1 2020 issue of Diamond Elite Magazine

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