The Body Bakery

Welcome to Norma's Bath and Body! EST. in 2004. Welcome to the Body Bakery.

Norma started making and experimenting with making soaps and more back in her kitchen. Her enthusiasm was contagious and she introduced it to her family and then friends. Soon she was up online the following year via Ebay in 2005.

Fast forward, Norma began selling on multiple sites after a lot of hard work. Within a few years she was selling all over the USA. Edible looking and yummy looking bath and body. Bath and Body that you will want to eat but cannot!

Norma’s products are perfect for anyone! Products are fruity, but she has a wide variety of delicious scents. They are moisturizing for your skin and soaps are made with goats milk and glycerin.

The Lotions are made with shea butters, it’s like body yogurt, they soften the skin nicely! Norma works with retailers, gift shop owners from all over the USA and she welcomes bulk wholesale and custom orders. 

Ships all over the USA.

Norma's has worked with newspapers, local television stations, radio stations and paper magazines.

Norma is self-taught and loves what she does!

Contact us at: Email: Pn:270.506.2235 FB: Norma's Bath and Body

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